North Dallas Church of God gives high priority to the youth activities. Throughout the years our youth
program has grown to become a major part of the church ministry. We have introduced many innovative ideas for the spiritual enrichment of the youth. The focus of our youth ministry is to train and
equip youngsters to be unashamed witnesses for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through training, several
of our young believers have become faithful servants of God in different parts of this country.
Pastor Babu K Iype, Bro. Tom Koruthu are instrumental in pioneering and establishing the Pentecostal
Youth Conference of Dallas (PYCD) and many youth leaders from NDCOG served in its leadership roles over the years. The youngsters
from this church regularly participate in all activities of the PYCD organization and have won numerous awards at the annual competitions over the years.
Also, our youngsters participate in the Church of God State and national level Teen Talent competitions. They have won several awards at the state and national level.

Pastor Prakash Mathew served as the youth pastor of NDCOG from 2014. Many talented and
dedicated servants of God have served as youth directors, associate directors and secretaries over
the past 30 years. Currently, Brother Bryan Mathews is serving as the youth director.